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Joe Sardotz's Roofing Projects

Joe has done roofing projects in the remote South Pacific as well as here in the USA in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho! Scroll down to see the variety and versatility of his work. Click images for more details.

(See Roofing Gallery for roofing photos and projects done by Oregon Roof Consulting and Inspection).

(See South Pacific Roofing Projects for roofing photos and projects done by Joe in the remote South Pacific).

The Perfect Roof - Joe Sardotz's Roof (Summer 2014)

This is my own roof. I did it over a three month period on my days off and weekends, evenings — whenever time was available. My wife and son chipped in with the tearoff, cleanup, and packing the plywood. I installed everything. All hand nailed including the plywood. The materials were delivered by Dealer's Supply who far and away are the premier roofing distributors in our area and likely the entire West coast. #2 isn't even close.

We tore off 1 layer of old roofing. Did a few repairs then installed 1/2" CDX over the 1X8 ship lap. The roof is the Malarkey Legacy shingle which is arguably the best laminated shingle available. 50 year warranty, high impact rating, high wind warranty, algae block feature, the whole package. The underlayment is Malarkey UDL which is top shelf stuff. I installed a 9" ridge vent with the extra thick Malarkey EZ ridge at the peak and also up the rake edges. Other features include:

  • Plywood gapped and spaced properly with all end joints centered on rafters. I used 8d galvanized nails hand driven and used way more nails than necessary. I also used 1 1/2" ring shank nails between the rafters at all horizontal plywood seams. Walking on this roof is like walking on concrete.
  • Rake edges have a bleeder strip and oversized flashing.
  • Underlayment is Malarkey UDL over lapped more than specs require.
  • Shingles hand nailed with more nails used than required. I also used nails long enough that would go through the plywood as well as the 3/4" ship lap.
  • Chalk lines snapped so all shingle rows are perfectly straight.
  • No scuffed shingles.
  • All protrusions double sealed (for all you cowboy roofers that means I sealed everything twice).
  • Metal vents never plastic.
  • Sealant under ridge vent.
  • Two piece lead pipe jacks. Sanded, primed, painted, twice.

Whenever I discover a roof that is poorly nailed the first thing these roofers say is "Well, you can't get every nail right". Properly installing a damn nail is one of the most basic and rudimentary aspects of construction. If you can't install a nail properly then find a different profession. EVERY nail on this roof is applied to manufacturers specifications. All 9,240 of them.

Oregon City Roof Inspection & Repair (April 2014)

This is a roof in Oregon City that I inspected. ORC rarely does repairs, but once in a while we dust off the tool box and do a repair job.

Beautiful shake roof

Here is a super custom CCA heavy treated shake roof I did by myself in 2000 in Ladd’s Addition. Just this front section took three weeks. The shakes are 100% old growth Canadian cedar with 100% vertical grain that are chemically treated. These last a long time. The roof was hand nailed (of course) with stainless steel nails. The ridge pieces are oversized hand made as well as the edge pieces. Beautiful!

Unique cedar shake roof

This one is a very rare bird. One of a kind. Typically the row exposure of shakes is 10 inches. These shakes are 24” long, CCA treated, 100% vertical grain old growth Canadian cedar shakes. The heavies, which are 3/4” thick. We installed these at 9-inch exposure using stainless steel narrow crown staples. The starter course was (double) #1 CCA treated cedar shingles. Unique in the industry!

More details: 4 pound lead pipe jacks, copper vents, and we shortened the exposure on the ridge cap too: 8” instead of the typical 10 to 12 inches. Prior to installing the ridge, we installed a double layer of 30lb felt; then the ridge was pilot drilled then fastened with coarse thread stainless steel screws. This is artwork and craftsmanship at its absolute best.

Uncle Toby's Cabin on the Sandy River, Oregon
Remember summer camp when you were a kid? This is Camp Namanu on the Sandy River in Oregon. My Mom went there in 1936. This is Uncle Toby’s Cabin. Toby’s place was quite run down. SD Deacon was the general contractor. I managed the roof. We tore off the old shake roof, did $16K in rot repairs, and installed 1/2” CDX plywood and a composite roof called ‘Ecoshake’. The before and after photos are quite striking. A unique project that was a lot of fun. Turned out nice, don’t you agree?
Chimney restoration project

Tear it down. Wire brush each brick. Rebuild using type 'S' mortar. Use 'Topping Mix' on the top. Acid wash. Apply professional grade sealer. Hard to believe that these are the same bricks but they are!

Pitched and flat roof

This is a job in the West Hills I did for Lou J in 1999. New pitched and flat roof with new siding and paint on the dormer. Taper was added to the flat section for drainage. I did this job alone and it took five weeks.

Milwaukie flat roof transition
On this project I tore off four layers. Did dryrot repair. Renailed the old 1X8 shiplap. Installed taper system at 1/2” slope per foot. Installed 5/8” CDX plywood. Installed Malarkey 501 base sheet, custom stainless drain scuppers, new skylight boxes, 4mm Polyglas smooth surface torchdown, 4.5 GFR (granulated fire retardant) cap sheet. 4lb lead pipe jacks sanded, primed and painted. Added layer of 2mm torch base at all protrusions and an additional layer of torch base along with a second layer of GFR at anything facing south. New siding on wall primed twice and painted three times. Wrapped skylight boxes with white sheet metal. Installed two custom-made E glass double pane skylights. Installed new white cap metal on parapets. The old roofing had to be tested by a certified lab for asbestos content before Waste Management would haul it away. The before/after photos on this job are quite striking. This is how the pros do it.
Cedar fencing and decks

Here are a few cedar decks and a beautiful fence I built. The fence is all  # 1 clear (no knots) cedar and nearly all the fasteners are hidden. Not bad for a roofer.

Qwest flat roof in Chehalis, WA
This job was a Qwest facility in Chehalis Washington, done in 2001. I was helping Schaber & Associates Roofing Consultants catch up on some jobs, and monitored / managed this one. Anderson Roofing was the contractor. They removed tons of pea gravel, then cut up and removed the old hot tar layers. Then an elaborate taper system was installed. A multi-layer built up system was then installed using a Malarkey cap sheet. Finally 3/4” pressure treated plywood was installed on the inside of the parapet walls. TT&L Sheet Metal of Beaverton installed all new cap metal and back splash wall metal. 
Roof sag correction
This roof was sagging terribly, so we ran dry lines everywhere and then used four hydraulic jacks to straighten it all out. We then built ‘pony walls’ to brace it all up. Turned out pretty nice.
Roofing, siding & painting

I did this roof in 1999 in Milwaukie. This job took four weeks to complete. We tore off shakes, installed 1/2” CDX plywood (NEVER OSB waferboard) and installed a 30 year laminate shingle in the Weathered Wood color. We also did some siding replacement and painting as well as tuck pointing the chimney.

Sun Valley, Idaho, shake roof

This is a shake roof I installed in Ketchum / Sun Valley Idaho in 2001. Beautiful home right on the Big Wood River across from Mt Baldy. The black metal objects on the roof are called ‘SnoClips,’ and they keep the snow on the roof so it doesn’t accumulate in front of doors. The unusual looking ventilation structures at the peaks are called 'Boston's'.The entire 8000 sq ft roof was covered with Grace Ice & Water Shield prior to installing the cedar shake roof. Beautiful use of wood throughout this unique home. Note the craftsmanship as well as the stonework. You don't see a house like this often.

CertainTeed 30-year shingles

Did this job in SE Portalnd in the Hawthorne District.. Most roofers would take no longer than two days to do this. I was there 2 1/2 weeks. Tore off 2 layers. Had to replace seven sheets of plywood with 1/2" CDX plywood, NEVER OSB (wafer board). Renailed all plywood by hand using 8d galvanized nails. 30lb felt. Sanded, primed and painted lead pipe jacks. Ridge vent. Granule coated utility vents. Everything hand nailed (nobody does this). Lines snapped so all rows straight. New heavy gauge custom-made chimney flashing. Chimney counter-flashing cleaned, sanded, primed, painted. All protrusions double sealed. I've had other roofers tell me that doing a job this way is unnecessary. Comments like " You are doing things the owner will never see ", " It takes too long, you can't make any money doing that ". Music to my ears coming from these guys. Profit is only one aspect of a business. Little things like reputation and customer service come in to play as well. Many just can't comprehend this which is why there is such a high rate of small business failure.

Milwaukie tearoff

Strawberry Lane in Milwaukie for Connie L. I did this roof twice. First time in 1983. I tore off 1 layer, renailed the plywood by hand, installed Malarkey Highlander shingles. Lines snapped. Everything straight. Hand nailed. No scuffed shingles. Sanded, primed, painted lead pipe jacks (nobody does this). Metal valleys. All protrusions & valleys double sealed. Granule coated utility vents. Ridge vent. As good as it gets. If any roofers do their jobs this way I would sure like to know.

Prototype testing structure
I was commissioned by Malarkey Roofing Products to build this structure at their headquarters in North Portland. They use this to display and test various products that will possibly be marketed in the future, such as underlayments, shingles, and rolled products. The structure is built in five sections that are bolted together so it can be dismantled and moved with a large forklift. I personally hand selected all the lumber. For each board I selected I rejected two. Do it right or why bother. This is built better than most houses and was done by hand in six days. It is straight, plumb and true, and will last a long time.

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